This training is designed to provide clients with the skills required by VicRoads to drive a heavy combination vehicle.

Clients will be provided with the training required to gain the skills required by VicRoads to be able to drive a heavy rigid vehicle.

Clients will be provided with the training required to gain the skills required by VicRoads to be able to drive a medium rigid vehicle. 

ACE Training provides training for truck drivers for a successful career on the open road. To compliment our fully comprehensive National courses, ACE Training provides advanced driver training, defensive driving, refresher training, pre-employment assessments, and induction training for those who want to master their truck driving skills.

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Heavy Vehicle




Ace Training is currently offering fee for service truck licences. We are not currently enroling students in the Government Subsidised Qualification TLI31216 Certificate III in Driving Operations.

Eligibility for a Truck Licence

To obtain a heavy vehicle endorsement you must be at least 18 years of age and hold a current Victorian driver licence for a minimum period of time.

There are multiple categories of heavy vehicle endorsements. The category you are eligible for will depend on how long you have held your car driver licence and, for some categories, how long you have held a heavy vehicle endorsement in a lower category.

To find out more about heavy vehicle licences that ACE Training offers, including their specific eligibility criteria, refer to individual licence categories above.

Study Material

To prepare for your test you can buy the Victorian Bus and Truck Drivers handbook available from Ace Training, VicRoads online or Customer Service Centres, RACV offices, and some newsagents and bookshops. (Not required for Heavy Combination courses). You will also be provided with a confirmation letter with further instructions. 


Things to know

On the first day of your course you will need to undertake an eyesight test. This eye test can be undertaken at Ace Training. If you pass the eye test and meet the medical eligibility criteria below, you will be able to be assessed for the heavy vehicle knowledge test and heavy vehicle driving skills test.

Our Medium Rigid Truck is Syncro, and the Heavy Rigid Trucks are NON-Synchro Gear Boxes & Synchronised Gear Boxes.


Medical Eligibility- Drugs and Alcohol: All clients must adhere to .00 blood alcohol content and no illicit drug use.

It is essential that all clients arrive for their course at Ace Training drug and alcohol free. Ace Training reserves the right to ask students to take an alcohol breathalyser or drug test, at any time during the course. If drugs/alcohol consumption is suspected or detected, the client will not be permitted to participate in the course and Victoria police will be notified. No refund will be given.

Please also refer to the medical conditions below:


Medical Conditions

Under the Road Safety Act 1986, Vic Roads is responsible for ensuring that all licence holders are fit to drive. This law exists to keep you and the community safe on our roads – not to deny your right to hold a driver licence.

Please ensure you are familiar with the medical eligibility conditions before registering with Ace Training.

Some common conditions that may affect the issue of a heavy vehicle licence are listed below:

  • diabetes

  • seizures and driving

  • heart conditions

  • neurological conditions (eg. stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis)

  • psychiatric conditions

  • sleep disorders (eg. sleep apnoea)

  • visual impairment

  • physical disabilities

  • the use of prescription medication, alcohol and illicit drugs can also affect your ability to drive safely


What to do if you have a medical condition

The law states that you MUST report any medical condition that could affect your driving. If you have a medical condition, or if an existing condition deteriorates, you must:

  • contact VicRoads to report your condition

  • talk to a doctor about how it might affect your driving

  • send us a medical report from a doctor who knows your medical history.

* Medication used to manage a medical condition may affect alertness and coordination. When taking medication always check with your doctor if you're fit to drive.

 Once you have a medical clearance from VicRoads you will be able to book in for your training course.


Evidence of Identity

Applicants must hold a current Victorian Drivers Licence photo card. On the day of your assessment you need to provide your Victorian drivers licence along with one secondary proof of identity- eg Medicare or Birth Certificate.


Test vehicle

When you attend Ace Training, an appropriate vehicle and accompanying driver will be supplied for your class of licence.

If you provide your own vehicle, the test vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition and appropriate for the category of heavy vehicle endorsement you are seeking and have seatbelts for all occupants present during the assessment.


Successful Applicants

Successful applicants will be issued a Certificate of Competence which remains valid for 12 months from the date of issue. This certificate DOES NOT allow the applicant to drive a heavy vehicle type until he or she has presented the certificate, two forms of identity, and a Driver Licence or Learner permit application form, to a Vic Roads office. Vic roads will then issue you with a HEAVY VEHICLE LICENCE.


Driving on a Heavy Vehicle Endorsement

  • After you get your heavy vehicle endorsement you can drive the vehicle under certain conditions and restrictions. When driving you must:

  • Only drive a vehicle fitted with synchromesh transmission (B restriction) if you were tested in a vehicle with synchromesh transmission

  • Drive a vehicle fitted with any type of transmission if you were tested in a vehicle fitted with non-synchromesh transmission

  • Have a zero blood alcohol limit when driving any bus or any truck that exceeds 15 tonnes gross vehicle mass

  • Carry your licence at all times while driving any bus or any truck greater than 15 tonnes gross vehicle mass.



  • Have you held a Current Victorian Licence for at least one (1) year

  • Are you over 18 years old

  • Do you meet the medical and physical eligibility criteria

  • Do you have all relevant proof of identity details


Please call 1800 456 094 to receive all the correct information and enrolment forms.

Truck Licence Enrolment

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