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Units of competency:

RIIMPO320D Conduct civil construction excavator operations


Target Groups:
  • Civil Construction Workers
  • General Construction Workers
  • Entry Level For Apprentices

Experienced Operators can often complete the full course in a shorter time frame as minimal training is provided. You will need to sign our declaration form stating your level of experience.You will then pay your deposit and receive the learner resource to study.


Short Course: 4-6 hours (experienced operators only)

Cost: $400.00  + $50.00 Photo ID Licence

Additional machines- $200.00 each

Inexperienced Operators: Full Course- 3-5 day


This unit specifies the competency required to conduct civil construction excavator operations

The unit covers planning and preparation for work, the conduct of operational checks, the safe and effective operation of the excavator for a range of mandatory tasks, the fitting, use and removal of attachments and operator maintenance activities.


Course Outline: 

  • Plan And Prepare Work
  • Conduct Pre-Operational Checks
  • Operate Excavator
  • Carry Out Operator Maintenance
  • Select, Remove And Fit Attachments
  • Clean Up 

Practical Demonstrations Include: 

  • Simulated Workplace Activities
  • Operate Excavator

Course Theory Sessions Covering The Following: 

  • Parts Of Excavator
  • OH&S Rules & Regulations
  • Personal Safety
  • Rules For Safe Operation 

Assessment Methods: 

  • The application of competency is to be assessed in the workplace
  • Assessment method will be via written and practical demonstration at varied intervals during the course



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